To break up, turn over, or remove-(Jason)

16 Jun

Over a cool glass of lemonade, my interest in the Brooklyn Diggers began. How fortunate Emily and I should meet.

I moved to New York in 2010. Wow! And to think I’ve lived in 4 apartments and in 4 neighborhoods in less than a year. But what else would I do? Not much I imagine. New York is an experience. And yes, there are many more to be had. As of now I live and work in Brooklyn. Depending on who you ask, my neighborhood has numerous names: Flatlands to some, Canarsie to others and East Flatbush to most. Whatever the title, it’s loud, lovely and evermore surprising.

I’m an artist and a grower. My art practice is inspired by history and the role it plays in building identity. Food and performance are my primary mediums. As a grower, I work as the gardener-caretaker for the Wyckoff Farm House. Planting corn and sleeping in New York’s oldest house creates enormous wonderment.

Brooklyn’s spirit, diverse neighborhoods, forgotten structures and spaces are what I wish to explore, experience and share as a Digger. Log on, read the blog and take the ride that will make Brooklyn even more magical.



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