What We’re Working on…

30 Jun

This past winter, I was at a meeting for Williamsburg Walks, and proposed the idea of some kind of battle/public participatory art project based on one by Duke Riley I’d seen at the Queens Museum.

This spring, the Diggers fleshed out the idea into a much more historically rooted, Greenpoint focused event.   The details are just starting to come together, but we’ve proposed it to FEAST Brooklyn.

Now, as a young history buff, I had always been obsessed with the American Revolution.  But living in North Brooklyn and working at the Tenement Museum has really gotten me much more invested in industrial era New York, and that, along with my boyfriend’s fascination with the Civil War has really led me to Continental Iron Works psycho-geographic doorstep.   Hundreds of people who walked the same streets that I walk every day, slept in the same rooms, waited for street cars where I now wait for buses… they had a major hand in the Civil War.  How were their lives similar to Greenpoint residents today?  How were they different?  What did their days look like, 150 years ago?  That’s what the Diggers aim to imagine.  I’m posting our proposal above.



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